Advise to move from Ableton mixing to console

Putting all those sounds together -- Plugs and processing, effects, busses, aux sends, etc.

Advise to move from Ableton mixing to console

Postby Chris1426 » December 31st, 2014, 5:43 am

Hi guys,

The last 8 years I've gradually built my home studio. The center is my iMac daw with Ableton and a Presonus/MOTU interface rig. I do everything in the box.
The last year or so I've become increasingly weary of being in front of a screen, doing everything with my mouse. Yesterday I sat down at a friends place, who does everything with some Fostex's and a mixing desk.
I was pretty blown away by how much more tactile it felt working this way, not looking at a EQ setting, but having to dial it in and listen, moving faders up and down. It got me thinking why not work this way myself, or a combination?

Can you guys give me some basic pointers/primer on what a setup could be where i still have my Ableton DAW but added console to mix?
I am not really good at wiring/IO so it kind of puzzles me how such a thing would work. Any advise here to get me started is welcome. Also pro's or con's would be appreciated.


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Re: Advise to move from Ableton mixing to console

Postby nitten » January 5th, 2015, 9:29 pm

The old site's guide on hooking up a mixer should have all the info you need.
Just bear in mind that the site is basically dead, so the gear mentioned is pretty outdated by now, but the principles remains the same.
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