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Re: Beta Testers, advisers wanted for a start-up company

Postby soundman32 » November 24th, 2014, 5:25 pm

Jackel wrote:This is probably an important update I should provide

Over the last 5 months we have determined that it is unfeasible with existing technology to select a track in a DAW (by any means) and have another piece of software know that it has occurred.

That capability is available. The Mackie protocol supports both selection from the daw, and selection from the surface.

Last year, I spent some time writing a surface plugin for Sonar to communicate with my X32, using all controls in both directions (16 channel+8 bus, eq/gate/pan, scribble strips). The only thing that I couldn't do was control the signal leds. I lodged a request with behringer to make the x32 software have a 'surface only' mode, but it's not happened yet.

So, while it may not be possible in all DAWs 'automatically', it's certainly possible in some.
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