So I want to become a Mastering Engineeer.

The creation of the production master -- "Finalizing" those mixes, getting your recordings ready for presentation and distribution.

So I want to become a Mastering Engineeer.

Postby RedStone » May 3rd, 2016, 11:50 pm

I think this falls under the etc part of this forum? ;)

I was really, REALLY excited to have John do a CD's worth of mastering for me recently. Then the proverbial poo hit my proverbial life's fan. Wife left (that sucked), two incomes went down to one (that sucked also) and I suddenly couldn't afford mastering, even cheap Mastering (this also sucked). Even had to start offloading gear. So all around, there was a lot of suckiness to my life.


I try not to be a negative ned. So I took the opportunity and extra time I suddenly found myself with to read and read and listen and listen and analyze as much professional mastering work as I could get my hands on and compare it to my own attempts. I am now in the process of finishing the masters for my latest CD. I am hoping against hope that it will pass the qualifications for Mastered for Itunes. I'm naieve, but I am also a stubborn mule.

I have a few samples up ....
Don't pay attention to the "give my services a try" etc etc. I'm not here to promote a business. I'm here because it's ... quiet.
I specifically went to work trying to figure out why, as John once said to me "A mastering Engineer can stack a few nickles on a song and make it sound like a hundred bucks ..." I think I'm starting to understand how that works. I think it's a combination of having the conditions to be able to hear things accurately, being able to understand what you are hearing, and knowing the many many tools, settings and even some elusive 'tricks' to make what you are hearing come in line with what you want to hear.

Anyway, I did start a small online mastering business and actually got some clients who were happy with what I did for them - so that's a win. But I am a very small fish in a very big sea. I'm working for slave wages ... $10 bucks a song. But I think what I'm doing will give better results than LANDR or mastering box, and that's why I'm really doing it. Those things are a joke, but they are popular. I still wouldn't know what to do with a serious client. It would be scary. So for now, I'm happy with the small time work I'm doing. Hopefully it will afford me the ability to create a real quality mastering set-up, if only so that I can make money mastering other people's stuff so that I can afford to pay John to master mine. :lol:

For anyone who is interested ... I found the following websites both immensely helpful and encouraging. I learn something new from each of them on nearly a daily basis.
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