monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby Farview » January 23rd, 2014, 10:46 pm

An 8 inch woofer is not a large driver. Also, the smaller the driver, the harder time it will have reproducing the low end at any usable volume.

In order to get any volume at low frequencies, you have to push a good amount of air. Small drivers have to move a lot farther to oush the same amount of air that a large driver would moving just a little bit.

In reality, there are compromises with every different design. Most quality monitor makers willdesign their product to minimize these issues. You will just need to settle on a pair you are comfortable with and get to know them.
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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby mitchiemasha » February 9th, 2014, 5:27 am

Response times are mainly due to weight of basket and the strength of magnet. Heavy basket and weak magnet, say good bye to your transients. Strong magnet and weak basket say good bye to your driver.

Ports are bad period... All ports add port noise and will be subject to time delay. Ports also give you more low end higher up but less low end lower down. A ported speaker will have a sharper cut off over an unported but the ported speaker will go further down before the cut off starts. To put it another way the unported speaker will go lower in frequency overall but it will be very quite at those frequencies.

A lot of companies add ports just to give us that +/-3 db spec going quite far down. A flatter frequency curve for longer. Which, when taken into context of most peoples rooms, doesn't mean sh!t. The most important thing when buying monitors is transient response, yet accurate info and education on this can be quite hard to find.

Imagine a wave form peak, a wave form valley, then another peak. A poor transient response speaker wont have been able to shift the forward momentum all the way back into the valley from the first peak before it gets the signal of the second peak. This will result in less air been shifted, lower perceived pressure, an inaccurate reference of the waveform in the recording.

I have bm5 mk2's which are ported, kind of strange after everything i've just said.

As for listening in shops... Most shops listening rooms aren't up to scratch... You're still buying blind but it's still worth checking them out. Also, their room isn't your room, it will sound different at home.

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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby Blue Bear Sound » February 10th, 2014, 4:32 pm

mitchiemasha wrote:Ports are bad period...

Simply untrue as a generalization....

There are excellent ported designs, just as there are poor sealed designs, and vice versa.... there are some excellent AES reports on the subject.
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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby mitchiemasha » February 11th, 2014, 7:46 pm

You're very right. Like I said, i have ports. Sometimes they are a necessary evil. That's what i was trying to point out.
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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby DCWAVE » February 12th, 2014, 12:37 am

I would rather not have ports. My old KRK V6IIs have the port in front, sometimes I can hear the "chuf" that comes out. The rear ported speakers have an odd low end to me that seems to cause the highs to be smeared. But you learn your speakers in the room you're in and you go to work. In my opinion a good near-field accentuates the midrange. You can get a sub and calibrate it, but don't mix with it all the time. Set up the sub so you can switch it in and out. You can get your lows balanced with it, then turn it off and mix without it. BUT you do need to calibrate it against your near fields, room, etc... and excellent room acoustics need to come into play.
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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby iqi616 » March 13th, 2014, 11:27 am

Just to be contrary, I've used a sub for many years. However it is carefully positioned and very carefully adjusted so that it subtly extends the bass frequencies downwards without changing the character of the low-end coming from the monitors. It is switched so that I can compare with/without.

Most subwoofers I've heard are adjusted waaaay too high - sometimes to the point where the set-up is more accurately described as the subwoofer being augmented by the speakers! Fun for watching action movies but completely wrong for music. In my opinion one should only notice a subwoofer when it is switched out.

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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby Hidden Temple » May 23rd, 2014, 3:12 pm

I need to get me some new monitors. The system I have currently works, but it's kinda crappy. I found an old home theater sub and plugged it in to work with, and it's nice because it adds just a bit of thump on the bottom, and it's only slightly worse than the behringer speakers I have, but the system works and I've gotten used to it's sound. I was thinking of upgraded to the JBL LSR4328P Pak with the matching sub. It would take some savings, but I do really need an upgrade in that department.

But in general, I would agree that not having a sub is a good thing. I like having one because it makes the stuff I really like to write sound 10x better, but that doesn't mean it's right for everything. And it seems to me that if you have a small room, it's much much harder to make a sub work for you if it's even possible. Or if you have easily annoyed neighbors. That another good reason to stay away from a sub.
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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby wellingtonpass » July 26th, 2015, 3:22 pm

I remember having a pair of "Skytec" 300 watts per side disco speakers,the cheapest most horrible things in the world,powered by a Peavey 400 watt bass guitar amp in a room about 80 feet by 20 feet with a 15ft vaulted ceiling. Every mix I took out of that room was immediately ok on any system I played it on. I wish there was a simple scaled down formula for that room and speaker setup for subs and nearfields in the little room I have now.
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Re: monitor Sub or just larger monitor speakers?

Postby Bubbaloo » April 4th, 2016, 11:28 am

I bought a set of Alesis ELEVATE 5 - $180.00 for the pair. For that kind of money they are fantastic.
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