I Need a MIDI level 10 Ninja Wizard

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I Need a MIDI level 10 Ninja Wizard

Postby MIDIQuicksand » January 29th, 2017, 10:12 pm


I am getting back into music after a bit of a hiatus.

I got some new gear that I am trying to get to communicate via MIDI with some older stuff.

In particular, I am hoping to get 4 sequencers to all start with the click of a single play button.... without a computer.

Roland MV-30
Roland RC-505
Roland JDXi
and a Kurzweil K2000RS

I can get any of the two to play nice. But never more than two.

I also have, if it helps...
Yamaha YME8 (2 IN and 8 Thru)
System 360 Midi Patchbay (4 IN, 8 Out)
Pocket MIDI Filter 1 in and 1 Out)

Any suggestions? Am I asking the impossible?


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Re: I Need a MIDI level 10 Ninja Wizard

Postby _controlfreak » January 29th, 2017, 11:26 pm

What happens if you use the K2000 as the host and connect it to the Yamaha thru box's input, and everything else to the split outs?

I understand this may not be the final, desired layout of your setup, but we need to troubleshoot the objects acting as "links" since you already know the devices are fine 1-on-1.

If that works, the next step would be finding out if and how your MIDI patchbay can be used as another Thru box instead of an In/Out patch.
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Re: I Need a MIDI level 10 Ninja Wizard

Postby RockStar » May 8th, 2017, 4:29 pm

Well that's quite a mix.
Every one of those guys has a very different application.
You really have to decide what it is you want to do with this stuff.
Unless you're super-fast and efficient on the MV-30 you should just slave it up as a sound module.
As a sequencer it's pretty limited by today's standards not to mention a nightmare to operate.
Same story with the Kurzweil.
Unless your super cool on the sequencer then just leave it slaved up.
Love those JDXi's. You're going to want hands on that one.
So in lieu of another controller that's first in the chain.
Now the looper is a different animal altogether.
You could slave it to MIDI clock or drive the whole system with it's clock.
It does force you to clock it from EITHER usb or midi.
I'd probably just let that guy stand alone.
Again you really have to decide what you're trying to accomplish.
So with that in mind you could go: JDX -> Kurz -> MV -> RC(clock-slaved)
I'd be likely to drive it all with a DAW.
Is that a 360 MIDI Patcher?
If so that would be a good way to connect everything for flexibility.
Tell me more about the final goal.
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