Two MIDI Modules Together?

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Two MIDI Modules Together?

Postby Bubbaloo » April 2nd, 2016, 10:59 pm

I have been using a Ketron SD2 MIDI module for quite some time and have grown to love it. It sure packs a wallop of sounds for the cost.
The other day I was digging in the junk drawer for something when I came across my old Roland JV-1010 MIDI module. I remembered that it really had some great sounds and then thought I would dust it off and start using it again, just for old time's sake.

Here is my question: Can I use both of my modules at the same time... on the same song? I'm using Sonar X2.

If so, could someone give me some play-by-play, very simple instructions on how this should be wired up and what settings I would make in Sonar?

I have an M-Audio MIDISPORT 2X2 Anniversary Edition MIDI interface and I'm thinking that I'll be able to do it with it. I have tried to get things going with it but have run into a wall.

I know this question may sound kind of stupid, but I'm hoping someone will cut a 60yr newbie some slack.

Much appreciated...
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Re: Two MIDI Modules Together?

Postby _controlfreak » April 3rd, 2016, 7:51 pm

Well, your MIDI interface is 2x2, so you're fine there: Set the Midisport to "PC" not "Midi Thru" mode. Your keyboard/controller will send the MIDI notes to Sonar, which will then pass it along to both/either modules.

I'm not a Sonar user, but it will probably be something like having 2 MIDI tracks but each one will have a different output (e.g. "MidiSport Out A-Channel 1" and "MidiSport Out B-Channel 1"). You could have all 16 channels on both devices jamming at the same time; it would just be a question of routing the MIDI tracks within Sonar.

This looks like the section of preferences to do what you want: ... ck.21.html
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