Been quiet around here, so here's some tunes from me.

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Been quiet around here, so here's some tunes from me.

Postby J-Bot » August 24th, 2017, 12:32 am

I imagine people are busy doing their thing. I've been busy doing mine, haha! We might have a potential singer on board; meeting with her again on Saturday to go over the tunes. So, for now, you'll just have to suffer through yours truly. ;) I recently wrote a new song, "Indistinguishable," and finished up an old song, "Snowflake" that I wrote during our honeymoon 8 years ago. I'm a keyboardist, so my guitar skill isn't great, and I'll probably tinker with the effects on it, since the strumming doesn't come across very clean. I was using the Valhalla Freq Echo, and I like it on the arpeggio, but I think it muddies the strumming too much.

Okay, so, some of these are rehearsal takes for the group to learn the song, and my singing is far from great. Also, on "Snowflake" the vocal melody isn't 100% and I may adjust it a bit, not to mention I flubbed the guitar towards the end, but it's just a scratch track to get the general idea out there.

"Indistinguishable" though using a "fake" guitar, doesn't sound too bad. It is a little on the fast side, and I may knock the tempo down around 5bps. I do want the chorus a little faster because it switches to 3/4 time, and I don't want it to feel like it's lagging. I originally had it at 100bpm for everything, but that felt too slow and uncomfortable for the singing. 110 feels about right, but might be too fast for the opening riff. Though that could be simplified and made to work. On a good note, our guitarist really likes the idea, and what I've done with it. Also, note that my vocal range is E2 to A4; the part where I sing the namesake of the song is meant to be an octave higher, reaching to a B4 and going into falsetto (think Matt Bellamy's stuff). Yeah, I can't get that note out unless it's a REALLY good day, so I sang it down in my natural range.

Anyway, here are the soundcloud links, and I hope you enjoy. "Snowflake" is kind of a hot mess, and it's a scratch track, but "Indistinguishable" turned out pretty well for being a rehearsal mockup.


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