Scams that hit musicians

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Scams that hit musicians

Postby Cool Crow » January 6th, 2016, 7:23 pm

This is my first time here and my first time with any forum. I work all day and end up in my recording studio at night and weekends. My time is limited. But I saw the posts about Akademia Awards and also Reverbnation and I just had to add my two cents. Well, 10 cents. I'm a former recording artist with CBS Records in the UK, Sony owns my stuff now. I understand the music Biz fairly well. But that's not why I'm talking now. I got 2 messages from Zach at "radio station" WLDN and he praised to the skies my song " Shine On Me". Hey, its' a really good song with super Boston Jazz Musicians on the recording so I was not surprised. However, when I went on their website, the music was Electronica and Hip Hop and did not match my jazzy sounding song at all.Why would Zach be interested in me? And of course the answer was I should send the song to Akademia Awards. You know where this is going.
I wrote back that I had been a performer and leader of several bands and I was now a songwriter and audio engineer. I do believe this lovely Akademia Awards originates in India and is a front for scam artists who are preying on us lowly musicians. Forget about them. Now onto Reverbnations??? I've been on their site for over 2 years and suddenly the whole world is listening to my music and loves me to pieces! Who Knew? They must be hurting financially. Not enough people are going for their Pro program. I now have over 100 fans who I do not know at all and most of them are Heavy Metal while I am Jazz, Americana and R&B. You gotta wonder! I just want to help musicians any way I can. I'm a musician, and a vocal musician, songwriter and audio engineer and I know how hard many of you work outside your regular lives. Whether you're good at what you do or not, you still love to create. Keep at it!
Cheers, Cool Crow
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