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Mic stand selection:

Postby J-Bot » December 5th, 2015, 11:28 pm

Okay, so, thanks to some anniversary funds, I ordered the pair of Rode M5's, and the SB20 mount.

So, next I need to find a good solid mic stand. I'm hoping to keep this under $150.
I'm having trouble finding a good 15ft. mic stand. I don't trust the Shure S15A collar mechanisms (heard the older model was way better since it used thumb screws) So I'm looking into some of the Manfrotto lighting stands.

I realize that the mic height for recording an ensemble or choir depends on many factors; height of the venue ceiling, height of the stage from the floor, size of venue, and probably more factors than I realize. But I know generally, you want to try to get your main stereo pair up above the conductor's head so that the conductor's body isn't obscuring the ensemble.

I guess the question is, would I be able to get by with a 12ft. or 12.8(13?) ft. stand? Or should I just try to keep looking for a 15 footer? I could swear I saw a Manfrotto 15 ft. stand on B&H at some point for under $150, but I don't see it now....maybe it got discontinued.

These are two stands I'm looking at on B&H right now:

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/6 ... Riser.html

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5 ... Stand.html

Either stand is only 6 Lbs. so, they'd probably either need some sand bags, or possibly just gaffer tape the snot out of it to the floor.

For ambient capture, I have a pair of cheap SDC omni's that I could put to the sides further back, or I have my Dayton omni measurement mic, which could do the job. I figure I could get by with my shorter boom stands with the omnis as they'll reach about 8ft. high.

I'm pre-planning, but I want to get in touch with schools and enrichment programs soon! There is also a community orchestra in Wayne that could be fun to record at some point, if I can build up my reputation a bit.

Update Dec 8: It's a little outside my $150 range, but maybe I could swing for the $169.99. I think this might work pretty well for my needs? It's a Matthews 13.5 ft. stand, spring loaded risers, and an adjustable leg for uneven surfaces.
http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/4 ... ky_Hi.html

Further update: I went ahead and got the Matthews stand. I think it will easily reach 13.5 ft. The specs lied, though. It's not 13 Lbs, but 19 Lbs. Pretty heavy duty stand! I've got a 5/8 stud to 3/8 threaded adapter on order as well, so that should be here soon. The stand's footprint diameter is about 4 ft. Each riser has a spring cushion at the bottom, and one of the legs is a leveling leg for uneven surfaces. I think it will serve well for recording a band in most auditorium settings. Probably won't even need sandbags! If I do, a couple ankle weights on each leg, or around the center tube should do the trick. As is, I think the stand would be more likely to knock someone over rather than have someone knock the stand over, haha.

My only gripe is that the stand is silver, but maybe I can get someone to blacken it or paint it or something at some point. I know chrome/silver can be distracting. :P
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