DIY 3-Pole Audio Switcher - or use RCA video?

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DIY 3-Pole Audio Switcher - or use RCA video?

Postby doggyaugie » August 29th, 2016, 5:52 pm

HI all,

I am trying to redesign my setup to get the most out of my limited analog audio inputs, and I've decided to put my three mono-to-stereo samplers (EPS 16+, DSS-1, and Akai S950) on a switcher since I never use more than one at a time. However, I will be switching the mono input along with it, so that at any setting of the switch, the stereo output of a sampler goes to the stereo input of my interface while the mono output of my interface goes to the input of the same sampler. So instead of this being a 2-channel (stereo) audio switcher, it is actually a 3-channel switcher (3 Pole). This is obviously not a common thing, but I realized that certain RCA aux switchers have the normal red and white R and L RCA audio in addition to the yellow composite video RCA. However, when I read the specs of one of these, it mentioned impedance of the video as being quite different than that of the audio channels, the video connector frequency rating was appropriate for, well, digital video and not analog audio. But in looking at schematics for DIY versions of boxes like this, I don't see any impedance matching, termination, etc. So my real question is: is it okay to use the yellow RCA connector for audio? In other words, is the switching done on a box like this ( ... itcher+rca) more complicated than just selecting which RCA connectors to conduct?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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